I have an '87 Gibson les paul custom lite that i recently posted on craigslist just to see ehat offers id get.i paid around $2400 for it. I had a guy shoot me an offer to trade for a Rickenbacker 330. I know the les paul is worth more but i have always wanted a Rickenbacker. Im womdering if this plus some sort of compensation (cash or other gear) eould be a good trade. I dont know how the rickenbacker does with drop tuning is the other thing. I usually play in drop B or drop A#. Any feedback would be cool.
If you play in Drop B, I'm gonna say stick with the LP. Ricks are NOT known for that sound for a reason - they excel at jangly clean stuff, not heavy rock.
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totally wrong guitar for what you are saying. if you don't want the Ric sound then don't bother.
Agreed with the above two posts. Rics are kind of niche. If you need that sound, only really a ric does it. But if you don't rics are well down my list of "versatile" guitars. Maybe close to the bottom. I'd only really get a ric if I knew I needed that sound.
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