Hey All,

Im new here, first post and just wanted to introduce myself. Im a terrible player, i used to play electric quite a bit. At one point I had a decent colection of guitars but always felt most comfortable on my strat's or LP.

Been through some interesting life situations over the last year or two and all i have left to play now is a fender accustic i bought for $85 last week... My taped together seagull finaly gave up the ghost and this was all i could afford. it doesnt sound great but it stays in tune and the neck is straight so im glad to have it.

I was never really a serious player but latley i find myself with a desire to play and plenty of time to do so.

Im interested in any tips anyone would have for taking my playing to the next level. The transition from electric to accustic has been tough but im getting the hang of it.

Looking forward to hopefully gettin to know some of ya.
Have fun on this site and be careful around "the pit" :P
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Epiphone Goth G-400 SG
Line 6 Spider IV (Don't judge me, I was young and stupid)
Stagg SW203N
Yamaha APX500