Hello folks,

Im getting some studio time to record with my band and I hope to put out 6 solid songs.
I know that I'm going to duplicate these recordings mostly on CD format, which isn't anything new or special.

But I've gotten some requests to put out tapes/ cassettes of these new songs too. I thought it was a cool idea so heres my question:

How would I take my digital studio recordings and duplicate them on tapes? I'm looking to do this DIY style partially because of the expenses and also I would prefer not to go on some random website and give them my money not knowing what to expect. Your help is greatly appreciated!
I have no idea. I also have no idea why cassettes are becoming popular again.

Maybe see if you can find a USB tape writer?
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When I used to make cassettes (my car had a cassette player back in the day!) I would use an old cassette duplicator rack unit I found laying around the basement. Just get any old machine that writes/duplicated tape, then just run out from your interface into the machine and record a few tapes by hand. That's how you do it DIY, which is smart with tapes, because the only people that will buy your tapes are half of the people who asked for them.
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Tapes are becoming popular again because it adds a gimmick layer to owning music in an era where music is reduced to merely files to a lot of people. Tapes sound shit, let's get that out of the way, but if you're a collector it's cool to own. Most bigger labels that sell tapes provide a HiQ download code a long side it.
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I have no idea. I also have no idea why cassettes are becoming popular again.

Maybe see if you can find a USB tape writer?

I only have a tape deck in my car and while I have one of those cassette ipod things I like finding cool cassettes. People just give them away by the dozen at yard sales and it's always interesting to see what bands are still putting out cassettes, they seem to be pretty popular among sludge and hardcore punk bands these days for whatever reason.
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