I'm looking to buy a multi effects pedal yet I have little to zero idea of what to look for/what to avoid. I was just looking for some basic help on the matter.

My starting point is a vox pedal that was going for $250 bucks at my local music store. Pretty sure it was this one: http://www.highstreetmusic.com.au/xcart/product.php?productid=11004&cat=472&page=1

Looking for something around a similar price range possibly even this particular one if it's any good. Its not for professional use, just mucking around at home.

Line 6 M9, if you can afford it, Line 6 M5 if you can't. That's assuming you just need effects. If you want amp modeling too, and in a simple package, for sure sure pick up a Zoom G3.
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+1 to the Zoom G3 suggestion - I'm happy with mine. If you go that way and can afford it, you may find the G5 even more useful.
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+1 to the M9

If you want amp modeling also, the Line 6 X3 live or POD HD 300/400 would be my choices. Used the X3 runs $150ish and the HD300 starts at $200ish
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Assuming that the web site you gave is your best choices I would take the ME-25 over the ST.


The ME-25 has a 38 second looper and a really cool effect called freeze that works with the expression pedal. Also the Vox has limited options WRT combining FX compared to most other multifx.
+1 for the G3, an excellent, easy to use multifx at a great price.
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