I was just wondering what the difference was between an AB-2 (A/B-Y switch) and an LS-2 (line Selector). I don't know much about the ls-2 except that you can set the volume for the seperate lines and i think you have to switch lines manually instead of tapping the pedal with your foot like the ab-2. Is it like an active version of the ab-2 ? The reason I'm asking is because I would like to have two guitars go into my pedal board and have an amp for one output and a direct input box for another. Basically it would be

Elec. & acous. guitar> (ab-2 or ls-2)> pedal board> (ab-2 or ls-2)> amp or direct box

I'm doing it that way because i want to have my acoustic go through my pedal board for just my tuner and maybe a few other effects (slight reverb, etc.) if I'm doing finger-picking stuff; and my electric would go to the Vox amp. It would be better to do that than buy two of every pedal for an electric guitar pedal board and an acoustic guitar pedal board.

Also i would like to know how having 2 a/b-y's or line selector's would affect my tone.
the current pedal board signal chain will be

TU-2 Chromatic Tuner>
Visual Sound Route 66 Overdrive and Compressor>
Ernie Ball VP JR w/ Buffer Mod.>
Boss DD-7 or Mooer Shimverb/Boss RV-5>
Vox AD30VT and Direct Box

The ab-2/ls-2 would be first and last in my signal. I currently only have a tuner and one AB-2 but im getting a RTE 66 and VP JR soon and not sure if ill get a delay or reverb effect. If you have any suggestions for pedal placement please let me know.
I play for my worship team and currently play bass and will be starting on rythm electric/ acoustic guitar once our new bass play is ready to play.

Sorry for writing an essay. The last part was kinda about my signal.
Moral of the story: AB-2 vs LS-2 and which should I get.
Probably best to use two AB-2's. That way you can select your guitar at one end, and select the amp at the other end. You'd have to hit the two buttons separately but I don't think that's an issue here.
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Not an issue. That's what I was going to do originally but I saw the boss LS-2 and wasn't sure which to pick. Liking the Karl Pilkongton btw.