Hello. i have a issue with my electric guitar. the tone and volume knobs are somehow passive. if i turn them there is not much of a difference. what should i replace to have more tone controll, to hear the difference. maybe the pots or capacitors..? sorry for my englisch, thanx!
Can you post more about your gear? What guitar do you use (active/passive pickups), what amp and what EQ settings, volume, gain?
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i use an vintage les paul with duncan and gibson passive pickups. my amp is a vox valvetronix 60-blue. my settings are...i have manny diferent presets. clean, crunch, hard rock, metal...
My Epiphone Les Paul's controls weren't sensitive. Volume at 7 sounded pretty much the same as volume at 10. Actually you could notice a clear difference only after you went below 3. So the controls worked more as on off switches. I'm pretty sure you just need new pots if that thing really bothers you. I remember watching a Youtube video about it.


It didn't really bother me because I usually left everything at 10. To me tone knob turned down just sounded muddy and volume turned down lacked balls (and treble). Of course I sometimes need to turn down the volume (for example if I want a cleaner sound for some parts). But my Charvel doesn't even have a tone knob.
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I think we need a little more info. First, in most guitars, the volume and tone are always passive. So let's narrow this down:

- did they used to work, but now they don't? Is this a new or used guitar?

(someone might not have hooked them up, or it could be a solder joint).

- do the controls work at all? Or you just don't think they do much? The tone knob might be subtle but the volume should always take the output to 0. It might sound goofy along the way, but that's a different issue.

I wouldn't get out the soldering iron just yet. You can change values or pots and caps and get a little different response. Note that a cheap capacitor from an old radio is as good as the expensive ones on the net (which are just plain silly - a cap is a cap!). You might want to change the value of the cap if it's not getting you the sound you want. But first a little more info please...