Since ten days i have a new love in my life.
A fender Classic player 60's strat.
As bad luck strikes just when you gave money on a new guitar.
So I need a new amp , because other went dead on me yesterday.
I play mainly Hendrix , Bob Dylan ,wanna learn Joe Bonamassa , a bit Radiohead etc..., no metal here.
My budget is 300€
I can get

a second hand Roland cube 60 for 150€
a 3 month old Orange tiny terror for 270€
new I'm thinking Fender Mustang 3

Only gone use it in my music room.
Like a ampli that gives clearly that single coil sound from my Fender.
And I never play an amp loud
orange or mustang will do just fine. They are both well suited for your needs.
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That is the tiny terror combo right?
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id rather have to roland cube than the tinny terror but thats just me... more options and then you got anouther 150 to spend elsewhere pedals and what not
Forget the Cube. They're good beginner amps at best.

Orange Tiny Terror or Fender Mustang is an arguable preference. Personally I'd pick the Mustang, but I'd easily cope with the Tiny Terror, too. You can't go wrong picking eiter of these two.
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I'd look for a small watt tube amp. the tiny terror isn't one of my favs but is the best on the list. a tube amp for what you play will give you the best results. get a fuzz and wah for Hendrix (wah for Dylan as well)