Hello UG-people!

I own an Ibanez guitar with the classic HSH pickups and a five-way switch to switch between neck-neck/middle-middle-middle/bridge-bridge.

My question is whether or not it would be possible to change the wiring on the switch in a way, so that one could split the neck and bridge humbuckers. I pretty want the five-way switch to go: neck(S)-neck(H)-middle-bridge(H)-bridge(S)

Is this possible without changing any parts and if not, how would it be done?

Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays to all of you!
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I think Ibanez uses special switches in most of their guitars. Either way, you will need a 4-pole Super Switch to do this.

With a standard 5-way you can auto-split two humbuckers. The order is:
Neck (full)
Neck (split) || Middle
Middle || Bridge (split)
Bridge (full)

|| means the pickups are in parallel.

Not quite what you want but a lot easier to wire and a lot less expensive...
I would think it's possible. For the series you would just be grabbing the tap point. Maybe post a picture of your current switch and the wires and folks can give more specific advice. It would be good if you traced out how things are connected too - maybe save the number of solder changes required...