New member and brand new to learning the guitar.

Been interested in learning guitar or drums, but never really motivated enough. Plus, just didn't really know where to start, per se. In addition, I figure it was something completely different to distract myself from learning computer programming.

Picked up the Epiphone Performance guitar bundle. I know it may not be the greatest of anything, but figured it was a good starting point till I figure out if I it's going to stick with me. It came with a Epiphone Les Paul Special II LTD, Epiphone 15R amp, an electronic tuner, and so forth. I did pick up cheapy guitar stand.

I also picked up Ubisoft's Rocksmith 2014. I figured this is good place to start learning some basics, and keep me motivated enough to keep at it. I've only played a few hours. Thus, far pretty entertaining and varied enough that if I get bored with one thing, I can fiddle with something else. I also downloaded Guitar for Dummies, 2nd ed, to maybe fill in some gaps or show different approaches to the basics.

Right now, I'm trying to find some way, or someone, to figure out the guitar is setup properly. I would prefer someone to show me so in the future I know how to keep the guitar in tune, and what to when the time comes to change the strings. I figure this also ties into guitar maintenance as well.

Ultimately, although I don't plan on touring in some band or anything, but I like to be play well enough to be play with others, beyond just personal enjoyment. I haven't focused on any one style since I can't play anything, yet. In general, my tastes varies to stuff like Alice In Chains, North Mississippi Allstarrs, The Who, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Crossfade, Pantera, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Bubby Holly, and so forth. For whatever reason, I never been able to get into country, except a rare song here and there.

Beyond that, I like electronics and fiddling with electronic gadgets. Bit of a sports nut. On a side note, its been throwing me off seeing people refer to C# (the note) because Microsoft has a programming language called C# which I just had a class and have another that will be using it as well. Damn Microsoft, LOL.