In this Youtube clip I'm playing a ´77 Marshall JMP 2204 using 13 classic Celestion guitar speakers. All speakers are mounted into the same Marshall 1933 1X12 Closed Back Cabinet for a fair comparison.


The speakers are:

1. ´83 G12-80 with 444 Bass Cone
2. ´78 G12-80 with 1777 Lead Cone
3. '65 G12 B025 AlNiCo Silver
4. '88 Vintage 30 (444 Bass Cone)
5. '71 Pre Rola Greenback G12H-30 (75Hz) (Pulsonic Lead Cone)
6. '74 Rola Greyback G12H-30 (75Hz) (Pulsonic Lead Cone)
7. '72 Rola Greenback G12H-30 (55Hz) (Pulsoic Bass Cone)
8. '80 G12-65
9. '89 G12M-70
10. '87 G12T-75
11. '79 G12-125
12. '93 G12T (100)
13. '91 G12B-150

I'm using an '08 Gibson Les Paul R9 into a ´77 Marshall JMP 2204 into a Weber MASS 100 Power Break (bedroom volume level!) The Tube mic is a Peluso 22 47 LE. The sound interface is an Apogee Duet connected to an IPad (Cubasis).

Which of these speakers do you think works the best with the Marshall JMP 2204 amp? Any feedback would be most appreciated!


Youtube Channel
That was pretty damn cool! I was actually surprised by this, but the following was my list of favorites:

1. '71 Pre Rola Greenback
2. '65 G12 B025 AlNiCo Silver
3. '79 G12-125
4. '88 Vintage 30

I would say my least favorite was the '93 G12T (100), which I thought sounded really fizzy and piercing.

The rest of them still sounded good, but just didn't grab my attention in any way.
Nice work, haven't got to listen to it all yet

Also liking the look of that bass one you did, will check that out too

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Sorry I managed to mess up the link to the comparison (Youtube). Here it is though!



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1. '71 Pre Rola Greenback


Thank ya very much for the work, brother!
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