I got some problems with my Bugera 333xl recently.
I bought it over a year ago but never actually got to gig with it or anything, I was busy playing bass in a band and mostly used another amp when I got to play my guitar at home. Of course I used it from time to time, until some day I only got maybe half the volume out of it, and the distortion was on an all time low.
I really didn't have the need to get that checked (still busty with the other band, playing bass) so it just stood here in my room.

Now I'm thinking with a few mates to start a post-hardcore/metal kind of band with a lot of sludge and stuff and was checking all the gear I have and trying out all the pedals I've gathered through the years. I tried the Bugera once again (since the other amp I own is an old solid state hughes&kettner halfstack I just use to jam a little in my room), but now no sound whatsoever comes out of it.

I have checked the famous transformer clip, nothing there, also can't see anything else that seems to be wrong. The tubes all seem to be glowing (although not that much, I don't know if they're supposed to be glowing a lot?).
Anybody got an idea what could be the problem here? (I'm a tube-amateur, so maybe it's possible the tubes actually are f*cked, still glowing?)

Also... I'm kind of on a tight financial spot here being a student. Maybe it would be just better to let that thing be for what it is and save some money first and just get me something better second hand?
I'm really bothered by this since I'm really not in the situation to be able to buy whatever I like. I want to make the right decision so I can start the new band without any problems.

hope you guys can help me out
Do you have extra tubes laying around to swap in?

Either buy 1 preamp and swap it in all positions one at a time to see if a preamp tube died and/or buy new power tubes.

Now when you say distortion all the time do you see the amp actually switch channels? Or is it stuck on the distortion channel? If it is stuck don't follow the previous advice given.
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Don't have any tubes laying around
Guess I'll go and buy myself a preamp tube tomorrow

I guess you misread the sentence there, I meant that the distortion was not what it should be, there was some yes, but I couldn't get it to what level it should be able to get.

thanks for the advice already though!
Okay- it really does sound just like a tube failure. Problem is that it could either pre or power amp due to volume- however I would be leaning towards a preamp since the distortion is lower. They run 9-15 bucks for an average 12AX7. Just buy one and switch it around.

If you do buy power tubes get a quad of 4 and put them in. If it doesn't fix it then save them for spares.

It's always a good thing to have a few laying around- the rule of thumb is that if you replace your tubes before they go bad the you have good testers laying around.

If you are really hurting for cash and only get a matched pair of power tubes you can swap them in 2 at a time and see if it corrects it, just buy another matched set of the same rating from the same supplier.

Tube depot has pretty good prices. You just have to wait for shipping obviously.

And 311 brought up a good point- wiggle your input jack a bit and see if you get any change.

Also you are using a speaker cable from your head to cab correct?
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See, it's important that people clarify when they say "metal", because I pretty much always assume they are a Cannibal Corpse fanboi.
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Just plug a multifx or pedal into the FX return. If you get sound then the problem is in the preamp. If not then it's in the power amp, or a lack of high voltage. Not sure if it has a HT (High Tension, tension = voltage) fuse.
A friend of mine with a tube tester and some spare tubes will test it out this evening, thanks for the replies already!
Get it fixed

My 333 was broke and I had it fixed, I sold it for $175 which is nothing much but it was extra money I needed. Besides I had not used the 333 in over a year.
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