will just bends be easier to do? the strings are somewhat stiff at standard tuning, do i need to set the guitar up for eb tuning? all im gonna do is tune the strings down.
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I'd say that the only thing that would need to be adjusted is the spring tension... I'd at least start out with that... check the neck relief, and if it needs adjustment, do that... I wouldn't think it would need it though...
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You'll probably just have to loosen the screws holding the spring claw by a quarter turn or half turn. Nothing major but not something you can do all the time with ease.
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whether you're going half a step or 3 steps, it's going to take a long time to get in tune on an FR. Changing the tension of one string affects the tension of all the other strings, and that's just basic physics. Nothing you can do to get around it (unless you have an Ibanez ZR system or some other type of system to account for tension changes.
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Bends will be a little bit easier but if you can't bend 9s (pretty much what all floyd roses are set up for) you're just being a pussy. If you want to tune down temporarily id put a wedge between the body and the trem block and loosen the springs but only do that for manly reasons like tone.
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