Hey. I'm looking into buying a new Marshall amp this coming January, but I'm unsure what models I should look out for and what ones people recommend. I was looking at the DSL40C. I was hoping some kind peole could give me some advice. I'm really into playing A LOT of Led Zeppelin stuff and some Jimi Hendrix, Queen and blues material and I hope to use the amp for gigging inn the future. My budget is 500-600 british pounds and I'm an intermediate player. Also I'm planning on using a Gibson Les Paul on it in May if that helps at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. Cheers. Ryan
No new Marshall in the 500 - 600 pound range is going to be worth anything.

You're best bet honestly is to find an old JCM 800 combo or an old JCM 2000 DSL 50/100 head and cab.

If you are not super stuck on the Marshall brand name as I think you are then there are other options too like Laney, Orange, Jet City, Egnater and even Vox.

Most tube amps from those brands will get you tones you are looking for.
You're definitely after the Gibson+Marshall combo, which is fine. I would recommend not buying new though. You can get great prices on JCM2000 DSL50 heads on eBay and Gumtree in the UK. Pair that with a 2x12 cab (that's all you'd need at first) like the 1936 cab and you'd be set. I do believe there were JCM2000 DSL combos though if you'd prefer a combo.
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Vox Night Train 50.

Or a used DSL. One of the original ones.
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I've got a DSL40C and love it! I definitely play more modern music but I think that you could get the tones you're looking for out of it. I bought mine used from Guitar Center for like $450 US I think?
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Thanks very much for your great responses. Certainly helped A LOT! If anyone else has has some recommendations please comment. Cheers.