Today I took advantage of the lifetime subscription to Tab Pro. The demo looked good on my PC at work and the price was very reasonable (after converting dollars to euros).
I come home and access the site via my iPad and I get the message to install the Ultimate Guitar App, which I do and then log in there. However, I get another message saying that I need to subscribe (weird, as I've already paid a lifetime subscription). I close the App and go back to the UG Website and click on Tab Pro link, which takes me to iTunes Store to download the App.
I downloaded this App too, signed in to my account but I'm still getting a message to subscribe and I can't use the App. There is no way to access the Tab Pro site itself as Apple don't support Flash so I've paid for a service that basically I can't use (as I don't have a PC at home).
Has anyone else had this problem? I've sent Support an email but have yet to hear back from them. Has anyone found a workaround?
It's not the end of the world as I can always get my money back via Paypal for not being able to access the service but it is frustrating and not very clear if Tab Pro is linked to Ultimate Guitar and if the websites are compatible with Apple products or not.
Also, the two previously mentioned Apps have to be paid for if you download them on an iPhone - plus subscription charges.
Yup. This is the very reason I came to the forum... namely to see if there was a way as I've just spent $50 on something I can barely use. This was not made clear and I am really pissed off about it.
what else is weird is that i get it on my iPhone 6 but not my iPad mini 2
does anyone have advice on how to access tab on an iPad ...i wanted it to be on a bigger screen and be as mobile as an iPad is. does it only work on android tablets because they may support flash? any pointers are helpful