Before anyone ask it is a company laptop and yes I know windows XP is not supported. My question is will Rocksmith 14 work with windows xp intel i5 cpu 2.40ghz with 3gig of ram?
according to the Rocksmith FAQ, probably not.

You might get lucky since it's using DirectX 9 which I believe XP has drivers for. The CPU is little under the min specs.

On top of that, I'm sure the RealTone cable has it's own drivers. I would guess that there are none for XP. And it's a total crap shoot if the drivers they do have will even work on XP.

Also, it's possible Ubisoft may have coded the installer to not install on a XP machine. I have encountered this in the past. And there could be issues with the DRM software Ubisoft has for the game with XP. From what I read, the game wants to connect to Uplay every time you play, even when you're not participating in the sixty day challenge.

If it was me, and your situation, I would buy the game from a store that will allow me to return it. I would not buy it digitally.
Depends but I think your right lovekeiiy DX9 is supported on XP... I think
In any-case the CPU probably won't be as big a deal RAM would likely be a bigger bottle neck if anything for it to run.
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