tone is very subjective. one's a jumbo and the other's adread. you'll get different sounds from each bodystyle. the only one that can tell you which will sound better to you is of course.... YOU.
the Yammie will be more comfortable to play as it's a smaller body. the Epi will project better. as for the sound? you'll get a 50/50 split from us.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
The Yamaha is a 000 size body. It's called a concert acoustic. I have the FS 700 and it sounds awesome. The lows are low and loud and the highs are bright and sing. I would go for the Yamaha. Comfort wise and sound for $200 at GC is a great deal!!!! Good luck on you decision. I also play a Martin custom MMV(2005) and although there is no comparing the two, the Yamaha can hold its own for the price. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas!!