Hello. i need some advice for a passive neck pickup. it has to be single coil. i play mostly hard rock, blues, punk... usualy overdriven sounds. i was looking for Fender Lace Sensor blue. but i dont know if this one is apropriate for neck position.
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what about a humbucker in single coil size? which one do you suggest for neck position?
What guitar is it going in? It would be beneficial to know what other pickup/pickups it will be living with. That way we can try to actually balance it all. I always prefer my pickup to compliment each other rather than simply being good alone and nothing more.
It is and Ibanez RG with mahagony body. Bridge pickup is Schaller Hot stuff (verry high output). I want to replace only neck pickup since i never use middle pickup. In the moment this schaller is way too hot and too loud for this crappy neck pickup.
blue will work fine and is often used in the neck with a red in the bridge. the gold mentioned will give you a very "strat" sound but will have a significant volume drop if you go from a hot bridge humbucker to it.
Consider a DiMarzio Fast Track II. Very hot single-coil size humbucker. It'll change how you view a neck pickup, guaranteed. DiMarzio sells it as a bridge pickup, but trust me, it kicks buttocks in the neck position. You'll probably end up doing all of your leads there. Other users of that pickup n that position? Neal Schon, for one.

Expect a volume *increase* over whatever you have in the bridge and middle positions.
Expect a volume *increase* over whatever you have in the bridge and middle positions.

...Which you can basically eliminate if your guitar has individual volume controls.
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and the blue will not have a volume drop?

depends on how hot your bridge pup is. there is usually a slight volume decrease when switching to the neck pup unless it has the same output as the bridge (which often results in a muddy sound.)
As far as i know, the Shaller hot stuff is one of the hottest in market. i realy like that humbucker. its great. i am just looking for and apropriate pair for him.