As far as I can tell, your mids are well developed. Although you lower range can get a bit shaky and pitchy. I haven't heard any highs yet, so I can't offer any advice there. I could also hear processing effects on the vocals, but I think it was just reverb so it shouldn't make too much difference. It makes it difficult to provide criticism if we can't hear your real voice. Honestly I don't know the song so I can't really tell you how well you are doing in the cover.
Thank you!

This is the song.. I am not trying to be a copy because there need to be something original, but I follow it in general...


Please let me know what you think about the lower and higher ranges if you can - I have here 2 songs https://soundcloud.com/f_sara/tracks and here another one http://picosong.com/kEmy/

Thank you GoldenGuitar!
Great, I noticed you didn't use falsetto in the places the singer from Coldplay uses them. But that's absolutely fine as it's your cover. Just one little thing you should watch out for is your enunciation. Some of the words are slurred, rushed, or lack clarity occasionally. I don't really think there is much more I can critique for you. Keep working on it, and if you do cover a contrasting song there may be more things I can say.
sfara - couple of tips....please don't spam up this subforum with multiple threads all within a couple days of each other asking for critique on your voice. Respect other users also looking for advice by not monopolising the forum.

You will also get more valuable responses by putting three links in the opening post of the same thread than having three threads with one link in each. Note: The other two threads will shortly be deleted. You can use the edit button and add the other two songs into the opening post of this one thread.

Also please avoid double posts - especially to bump your threads.
Man.. You are so heavy..
The forum isn't moving anyway and there are 2 posts a day, so what "respect other users" are you talking about?
I recorded the songs in different times and I didn't see people that ask for critique of 3 songs together, but one by one every time..
There are a lot of pitch-problems, but they will get fixed with time and practice. Generally pitching is nothing to worry about, as it's mostly time-dependant.
As for technique, it's almost impossible to critique with such a song.
It's faily monotone and therefore it doesn't offer the variety that is needed for optimal feedback.
Sometimes you ramble in your transitions of the words, making them hard to understand. Practice singing each word very clearly.
In some places I hear you wanting to put some "feel" into the song, but be careful that the "feel" does not come off as lazy-sounding.

The tone of your voice is however surprisingly pleasent. What does that mean?
Obviously that it's not nasal or abnormal sounding, and it has natural good balance of equalization (not really a thing, but think of it that way).
But that also depends, how much did you edit the vocals? If you are using EQ that might have helped.
In general, a RAW clip without any effects singing with a backing track is the best for feedback