I have some questions I'd like to get a response on. I hope you can help me

My Pedalboard is : Cry baby Wah >>> Digi-tech Whammy 4 >>> Overdrive Maxon od808 >>> Vox Sachurator Distortion >>> EHX Mistress Flanger\Chorus >>> Boss Rv-3 reverb delay >>> Ditto Looper.

My guitar is silver star les paul.

1. I need boost for my distortion, at solo I cant hear myself, the question is what kind of boost is ok with the sachurator?? (sometimes i use the maxon od as a boost but its not really sounds good i don't feel the difference).

I have another option is to try the Bogner Red Ecstasy distortion (but its very expensive), I heard it and its crazy distortion and also have a boost option, and not only more gain option like in the sachurator, but i prefer my sach sound i like it a lot so can you recommend me something please...

2. I have tried the MXR Dyna Comp compressor i didn't like it, what kind of compressor should i try? boss sc? keeley? (very expensive)... Do I really need a compressor? I like my sound I like the feeling of controlling the guitar sound with my fingers. so is it really necessary to have a compressor in the chain?

3. Someone suggested I try the Boss GT-10 Multi effect, even maybe to connect him to my chain, and with this option i will have a great compressor and awesome clean sound and will have many options to do with my sound.
but tell you the truth i didn't really like the sounds in it. I think single pedals are way better. what do you think?

4. maybe EQ Pedal could help with this kind of problems?

So, sorry for the load of questions hope you can help me

1. For your solo boost a clean boost pedal like the MXR Micro Amp would be a good idea.

2+3. Don't buy pedals just by recommendation if you don't feel you need them and are happy with your sound now, I wouldn't bother. Only add what you feel you need.

4. An EQ could work for your solo boost. Something like the MXR 10 band with gain and level sliders. Up your mids, gain and level and you'll cut through nicely for your solos
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jmaguire, what about the Xotic RC Booster? or tc electronics spark booster? (has more options in the booster)
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1 - If you don't want to spend money, try cranking the level on your Maxon, and putting the gain to 0.

2 - Try out compressors. See if you like them. They're not essential by any means, and kind of help you to "cheat", imo. If you're doing a lot of two handed tapping for example, a compressor will make it sound more level, and help with a more consistent volume. However, with enough practice, you can easily tap without a compressor and make the volume consistent.

3 - I PERSONALLY do not like multi effects units. Yeah you get a lot of sounds, but they're a hassle to get to specific patches, etc.,

4 - If you have to have a specific OD sound and don't want to change your settings to those suggested in answer "1", I would probably get an EQ pedal, or even just a straight boost pedal if you like how it sounds with your rig.

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