Hi guys im new here, and a new guitar player, let's see, i just bought and stated playing electric guitar 2 months ago.

As of now, i can do musics of Nirvana (smells like teen spirits, lithium, breed, and many more) and Foo Fighters(Everlong, Pretender, Learn to Fly, Walk, etc) and some other Rocks and Heavy Metals like Metallica(enter sandman no solo).

About with this 2 months of experience of playing guitar, is the progress good? is it fast? or slow? and how much experience must i need to play songs like Crazy Train, Sweet Child o mine and other good songs?

BTW im a student, 16 years old, and somehow busy with studies

Any thing you can suggest your little brother?

And one more, In how many months/years can I learn how to play guitar while singing(or should I say shouting). As of now, I cant sing(shout) like what Kurt Cobain is doing, he is kinda my idol
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It is hard to give a timeframe as it depends on so many different elements. In the end I would suggest not looking at how long it will take to get the results you want because the bi-product of that will be sloppy playing.

It seems that you've learnt an awful lot in 2 months. I would hazard a guess that you cannot play these tracks with great technique. Posting a video will help us discern how you are doing.

As for doing vocals while playing; it is just another skill to learn and we can't give a definitive timescale.
There's no need to hurry. Being able to play the guitar properly takes time. You can play those songs but do they actually sound good? A great guitarist playing those songs would sound a lot better than you.

I've been playing for over 4 years and there's lots of stuff I can't play. And I'm not always satisfied with my sound (but a lot more satisfied to my sound today than to my sound two years ago - some of my old recordings sound just horrible).

But yeah, becoming good at guitar takes a lot of time. Most guitarists you see playing in professional bands have usually been playing for at least ten years. Sometimes less, of course. And playing in the band doesn't require that much experience. I joined a band when I had been playing for two years. I would actually suggest joining a band - it improves your listening skills, sense of rhythm and also your technique - being in a band requires learning new songs.

I would actually say that in one or two years you will be a decent guitarist and sound OK. You'll be able to play most riffs and some solos. But you will still be far from great. Becoming great just takes time. But as I said, there's no need to hurry.

I wouldn't care that much about how fast your progress is. You want to become a good guitarist and it takes the time it takes. People are different and learn differently. But the songs you mentioned are pretty basic. Remember to pay attention to your timing and play the songs cleanly and accurately. If you feel that you can't play some part accurately, try playing it slower.
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You're 16 and probably a junior in high school. As you remarked, you've got plenty else to think about besides guitar. Consequently, any of the songs that you'll want to play all the way through (including the solos) are probably not realistic withing your first six months to a year of playing. Plenty of people on here with trash Slash. SCOM is hard. Plenty will trash Kirk Hammett. A bunch of his stuff is very fast. Almost no one will say anything bad about Randy, and this is because is was incontestably awesome, meaning that his stuff is probably hard.

It sounds like you're learning a lot of music that you like, with the standard recent-player comment of "without the solo" (we all do that), and that you're having fun. Make sure that you're playing well, rather than just able to kind of make it through songs without being perfect.

Regarding singing, there is a sub-forum that I suggest you search. I have to think that others have asked about singing and playing at the same time.