The bridge on my used guitar is falling apart, so I need a replacement. The guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Studio Doublecut. The bridge has lost the little rings that hold the saddle screws in place, and the tension of the high E string pulls the saddle towards the fretboard, obviously messing up the intonation. The guy at my local guitar shop recommended this or this. I'm leaning towards the first one because of the looks and the price. The guy also said that he or I could replace the locking nuts one by one by hand, but that it would take a long time. Also, the bridge is just generally kind of beat up, so I think it's replacement time. Any bridge recommendations or info I'm missing?
It's a wraparound.

EDIT: it looks like the hard tail won't fit without drilling new holes, but the "baby grand" seems to attach the same way as my wraparound. Can anyone recommend a wraparound replacement as an alternative?
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Get a Badass style wraparound. They are great.

The Schaller that is at stewmac is a really nice wraparound. The baby grand will work, I just think it is ugly
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I think this is what I have. I think I might get one of these instead though. This is another thing I found. Any opinions on which is the best, tone and durability wise? I think I like the looks of the second best, but it's hard to tell if it's just cause of the different picture angle. Also, I can't tell what brand the "pigtail" and "adjustable" ones are.

EDIT: I just saw that there's a ResoMax one, too. Also, why's the "adjustable" one so much cheaper?
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My bridge is definitely not a Gibson bridge, I got the guitar used, and I think the last guy changed it.