Dead serious. I bought the PodHD500x and I still have no clue what I'm REALLY doing. Yeah I know how to add the pedals/amps I want, but I don't know how to EQ anything.
I'm not exactly sure what I myself want to sound like, but I at least want to make a good Adam Jonesy/Tool kinda patch.

I wanna know how to MAKE them, any tips? (but I'll take anyone's Adam Jones patch )
never played with a POD before, but i'd say keep a simple rig, start off only turn on one amp and no pedals (maybe cab emulators, i'm not sure). Then do it as you would with an amp: Set the EQ knobs at 12 o'clock and adjust as you go.

So first off decide which is the best amp sim that would get the sound you're looking for, then go from there. Once you have a niceish sounding amp, sort out the cab emulation to an extent.
After this, look at pedals. Maybe look at adding an overdrive and messing with that first, before choosing any other effects.

Sorry, this is just a rough idea, not sure if it'll work or not. It's how I generally set up my DAW sims.
Good luck and congrats on the purchase
Yeah what I'd say is really the same as above. Strip everything back then slowly add more and more as you go.
Is the pod running into amp at all?
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If you have a computer available when you practice always plug in the hd500x via usb and use the Line 6 application to view/modify/create patches. It's much much easier when you visualize the chain and have every adjustable parameter instantly accessible with your mouse.

Other than that, how a patch sounds depends a lot on how you amplify the pod.

For "signature" tone patches search at the Line 6 site. There is a library of downloadable tones. Those are mostly for the hd500 however if you rename the file extension you can use them with the hd500x. If you go that route, remember that no downloaded tone/patch is instantly usable. You'll have to modify it depending on your amp/speakers/pick-ups.
Quote by ambler3

Set the EQ knobs at 12 o'clock and adjust as you go.

This is probably the best way to actually get to understanding things on your own. Its what I also did when I was learning my new amp.
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