I messed up on a few things on my recent tab and I would like to edit it. Any way that I can do that?


Im either blind or its just not available anymore. I followed your simple directions.
Ok. I'll go into more detail. See your name way up in the right hand corner? See how directly underneath it it has the word Profile? That's what you click on.

Once there, you should see a panel titled "User menu" to the left. Scroll down until you see "My Contributions", then click on that.

You should be seeing this screen.


See how at the top it has individual tabs named 'Stats', 'Tabs', 'Reviews', etc.? Click on the one that says 'Tabs'. There, you should see a list of all your tabs that have been accepted and posted to the site. Find the song you want to update, then look to the far right. You should see a . That's what you click on.

Then just update it and bam.
It will probably take a few hours for the changes to take place though.
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I found it! I clicked my name instead of my profile last time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with such an easy task :P.