Several months ago, E5 was the highest note I could produce (with falsetto, that is; I'm a low baritone). No matter what I did, the highest I'd reach was this squeaky E5 at the top of my lungs. Some time later, I suddenly discover I'm able to sing up to a very strong G5 and a squeaky G#5 little something. Now in this time I have developed some proper breathing technique (I've been singing seriously for a very short time, less than a year), at first my modal voice would go to a strained D#4, now it goes reliably up to about G#4 and I'm starting to really dig into head voice technique for even higher stuff.

But while this happened gradually, I realized that my falsetto register went 4 semitones higher in a span of about 2 weeks. One time I could go to the E5, next time I sang some fifth octave stuff, it went all the way up... By this time I'd developed the D#4-G#4 part of my modal register a fair while before. So does this have to do with strengthening range or something else, and can I expect this kind of expansion (quick or gradual) to happen again?
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It's likely that as you are not a very experienced singer your technique is kinda hit and miss. And yeah, I'm pretty sure that if you learn the right way you will go higher - even higher than what you could at first if that's what you wish. There is a lot of experimentation in front you and the end result could be way beyond your expectations if you persist.

But as your still new to this I recommend focusing on the low head voice notes first like F4-B4. These few notes can take years to master and if you can't do these reliably then any higher squeaks are pointless. I did this mistake too and it only prevented my progress.
As a beginner, it's impossible to determine your range.
There are clear indications to which vocal-type you are, it's easy to spot a tenor or a bass. However, it would be impossible to determine their vocal-range as it expands with technique.
Depending on how experienced you are, it's very possibe that your range expands quickly. Just remember: At some point there will be a physical limit to your voice, don't strain to reach notes out of your range.