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Don't drink and eat lots of sugar after, it's bad for you
2 11%
You and drink and eat lots of sugar
7 37%
Drink, but I don't know what I'm talking about
10 53%
Voters: 19.
(I don't have diabetes.)

I've had some wine, and I'm a bit tipsy. Should I keep drinking? (like one or two glasses more).

Someone told me alcohol reduces blood sugar levels, so does that mean I can eat lots of sugary stuff or is it worse?

Please advise Pit, and if you tell me to drink more go ahead, but I need to know how this works because lots of chocolate and sugary stuff is close by and I want them all. Merry Christmas
if you're not diabetic, you should know that heavy drinking can lead to diabetes, especially if you're already at risk.

if you're not diabetic, you should know that sugar consumption will not lead you to become diabetic.

if you are diabetic, you should carefully monitor your alcohol intake or avoid it altogether.

also if you are diabetic, i feel for you.
i don't know why i feel so dry
If drinking wine led you to ask the internet if you should keep drinking, I'd say no sir.
Whats goes around must come down
In my professional opinion, if you're unsure if you want to keep drinking or not, keep drinking.
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Im diabetic and I drink. It depends on what you drink in my experience, if im on beer the sugar seems to cancel out the blood sugar lowering effect of the alcohol, ive only ever noticed problems when I used to drink straight spirits when I was younger. I just make sure to avoid overly sugary stuff like sours or cider and to only use diet mixers
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Im Diabetic -drinking Is Bad .pisses Me Off Brett Michaels Can Drink Like A Fish Cause He's Got Money For Doctors Ha Ha .i Never Drinked So Ha Ha Dont Care .its Just A Bad Influence Dont Drink If Diabetic
Quote by ChucklesMginty
Shut up and drink.

Sugar intake doesn't cause diabetes anyway.

You know, I hear this even from medicine students and they're wrong.

Being fat and lazy ("metabolic syndrome") is one of the risk factors for diabetes type 2 and eating lots of sugar makes you fat and fat people get lazy. Therefore eating lots of sugar causes diabetes.

Sugar doesn't cause diabetes like weed doesn't have side effects.