Hey guys!
I am currently buying some new pedals for my board. I have decided I am getting a Big Muff with Tone Wicker, but I can't decide what else to get, as I cant buy everything!
I am thinking either a Vox Wah or EHX Small Clone, to go with my Boss ME-70. Which pedal do you guys think will be the biggest improvement on the ME-70's Wah/Chorus?
Also if anyone else has good suggestions for a non-distortion pedal for under £50, let me know.
Not sure about the wah, but I find the small clone far nicer than multi FX choruses. It's analogue and built in the vintage style, it will likely have more 'warmth' etc. than a multi fx one. On the other hand, many people like crisp modern digital chorus sounds.
Dude, where's my band?