That was quite amazing. I was smiling that entire time because I hadn't ever thought about someone making that a metal song. But you all did it, and did it fantastically. The transitions in the verses between the heavy part and the acoustical part seemed a little awkwardly done. That's about the only "negative" thing I can say about it, but even then, I love the idea behind it.
Good job guys.
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Haha, the harmony/acoustic parts were kind of an inside joke. Long story but we had a heck of a time getting the vocals right and when i finally kicked em on together it was super pretty but didnt fit with the guitars. So, i muted the guitars and added some guitars that did fit!! Lol. Thanks for listening man! It was a blast putting this together. Pm me your facebook into and i will add you to our 'collaborations' group. We are starting our next one this weekend.