I've been looking for various different amps for gigging and just playing live shows, as recently my band have been on the uprise and more promoters have given us the chance to play with bigger bands but unfortunately the more big shows we get to play the more we need to supply in the idea of backline, thus my search for amps...
We are a Suicide Silence/Vildjharta styled type of band who play between the tunings of Drop A and Drop G#, Im more or less looking for an amp head within the <£150 range, due to me only being 17 and unemployed thus lack of funds.

The reason for this post is local stores such as Guitar Guitar and Merchant City Music (Both local Based) have pointed towards the Orange Micro Terror Amp Head (RRP-£99) And I have seen outside of the stores the White Horse T64RS (£150).
Just wanting to know if either of these amps are gig worthy/give off a powerful metal/Djent tone and if not, what cheap pedals could assist to getting the tones.

Bands Im aiming for this tone to sound like.....
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Good luck is all I can say..i'm not sure about amps for djent, but generally you'll find it hard to get the sort of metal amp you want for under £150.
However, if you get an amp head, the first cabinet I would reccomend would be a Harley Benton G212 Vintage. It has V30s in it and is built well, and is only £160. What's not to like?

Also, if your looking for amps at this price range, definitely go used, you may be able to snag a nice bargain off ebay or gumtree.

Maybe maybe a modeller is a good option to get djent tones? not sure.

Lastly: Thall.
Sell a kidney and buy an Axe-FX hahaha
Seriously though, have a look at modelers like the Pod HD500
You could get the micro terror to give you a really cool sound but you'd need some serious effect pedal and EQ sculpting to get that djent sound. Maybe look at the Misha signature overdrive that protone does?
ahahahaha, worthy of a djent tone. No.

The Micro Terror is a bit of a gimmick, it's more of a toy than an amp. While it does genuinely sound good for the price and for what it is you'll sound nothing like Vildhjarta, their tone is ear splitting it's great. You want an Axe Fx (over £2000) if you can't afford that get something like a Line 6 POD HD500 (About £400). But if you want to run that with a cabinet you'll need a power amp.
The whole point of the Micro Terror is to not be loud. That is not what you need for a backline. Work hard, save your money, and you’ll be able to buy a nice amp when you’re older.
The closest to your budget I can think of is the Jet City JCA 22h or the Jet City JCA50h.

You can look for a used Peavey Windsor head if you want that Marshall JCM800 type tone or a Laney AOR 50 or AOR100.

Peavey Valve King 100 might work for you or there is always the Peavey Vypyr tube. You can use the Vypyr tube 60 combo to run a different cab just fine.

I would take anything you do not need and go to a store with a good used selection and trade it in for money off. I just don't think you will get anything gig worthy for 150 quid. Take back some Christmas gifts if you need to, 200GBP is about what most of the amps listed can be bought used but you will need to look pretty good.

Or you can chance a used Bugera
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