Hey all,

Hope you all are having a fantastic Christmas Eve thus far.

Just wanted to open this topic up cause I was having a problem with my MXR Phase 90. I took it into my local Guitar Center repair shop, and they couldn't figure out what was up with it, so I just wanted to know if any of you guys had this issue:

Basically what's happening is I'll plug in my pedal board, everything will be gravy, but when I click on my Phaser, sound goes dead. The LED will come on, but the sound goes dead.

My guitar will play on the amp when the Phaser isn't clicked in, but when I click it in, sound goes dead...hope that makes sense.

Do any of you have any idea what that could be? I could take it in to the mom and pop guitar shop, but it would cost me more than just buying a brand new phaser. Any ideas?

booped into GG&A
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hopefully it is simply a loose connection in the pedal, which should be fixable by opening it up and then ensuring everything is properly attached to where it needs to be with solder
I had this happen to my Eddie Van Halen Phase 90 TWICE! MXR repaired it for free both times (even though i'm sure it was out of warranty, it was already second hand when i bought it)

Best to get in contact with them.
I sold mine in the end because i hardly used it, and then when i finally did it didn't even work!