I've just ordered Suhr Riot from e-bay, and I'm looking for od which will push it for solos and will work as od alone.

Someone offered me Ibanez TS9 fromel modded, as trade for delay I'm selling.
In addition, I'm thinking on BB preamp, or maybe ocd.

Looking for Vai/Satriani as "main sound", with the Suhr pushed by the od.
For the od, I'm looking for sweet drive, for blues, maybe a bit classic rock.
I'm not sure if it's really necessary to further push the Riot, it's pretty high gain and high volume as it is. For the OD, in my opinion Wampler and Mad professor do some great drive pedals.

And for additional information, what is your budget and your current amplifier? And since you're buying from ebay, I think you accept used pedals.
I think that most of the Tubescreamer style OD-s will do the job. I have a cheap Nux overdrive pedal which is basically a Tubescreamer copy and it works great.
My main options are ts9 fromel modded, maxon 808 and bb preamp.
what do you recommend?
Get a Bad Monkey, more tone shaping than a TS-9 and it will do the same job for $45 brand new.

I use the Bad Monkey and a GFS Greenie Classic and both are <$50 new and both are very nice. The GFS is a TS clone with a 3 mode toggle switch for TS-9/808 and modified TS-9.
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Stop bumping your thread, and get the pedal before you decide what it needs.
I'm waiting to the distortion to check the OD with it, until then I'm just checking my options.
Hey, the Riot had arrived yestorday(AWSOME pedal, the best distortion I've ever heard).

I've already checked it with the ts9 and the Ibanez ts808, both are awsome but the 808 is soooo AWSOME, really liked it.
I found second hand modded Maxon od808, which I guess would be even better, and I was sure that I'm gonna buy it.
But now someone offered me fulltone ocd, which I know will solve the only problem with the 808 I had, it doesn't has enough gain, so I'm not sure which one would be better for me.

The most important thing for me is boosting the Suhr, looking for kind of Vai/Satriani tone and sometimes a bit heavier sound, which would be better for that?
In addition, I need the od for sweet bluesy tone, which I know the 808 doing GREAT, looking just for that tone, how the ocd would be for that?
And my last need is a bit more gainy od, which the 808 cant do, and as I know the OCD is great for that, and my Suhr can do it but not as the ocd.

What are your suggetions?