My grandmother grew up in the Soviet Union and her knowledge of western music is limited, as you can imagine. She likes Smokie, Chris Rea and Frank Sinatra.

One of her nephews (or some other distant relative that I haven't met) plays in some indie band. She is fascinated with the idea of "underground music", even though she has no idea what it is.

I'd like to educate her in that aspect, but I am a mere pleb who listens to dad rock and top 40 shit. This is why I turn to the purveyors of musical wisdom who dwell in The Pit, to direct me towards the unmined depths of the independent realm.

What's some of the indiest music that would blow my grandma's mind?
I am aware that spreading awareness of music decreases its quality, so second-indiest is fine, too.
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But really, someone with a with a nice voice like Morrisey/The Smiths or Jeff Buckley
Up for fernybri, though it's not really underground for me since I study composition.
I'd add the figli di madre ignota, too.
Best ****in' italian indie/gipsy/punk I've ever heard of.
Name's Luca.

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Broody, introspective stuff with someone with a funny voice. Tom Waits and the Smiths would be perfect. Potentially a bit of Radiohead too.
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