Hi UG, I'm currently replacing the pickups on my Roxbury Legend Custom, and I'm stuck because I have no clue what wires to keep and which to cut from my standard pots. I'm keeping my neck pickup and am replacing the bridge pickup with an active solderless EMG 81. My problem is, I can't find a website of Roxbury to ask someone which wires do what. Does someone know a site or phone number Ican call of Roxbury? Or can someone with a Roxbury here help me out?
So your guitar has passives in it, doesn't it?

I have heard that replacing actives with passives isn't reasonable because you need some space for the battery and it may not fit your guitar.

But yeah, here may be some answers to "actives and passives in the same guitar":


But yeah, maybe just get passive pickups or a new guitar with stock EMGs in it.
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