Hey, just started becoming interested in building my rig. I recently bought myself a garage tone delay, an original cry baby wah-wah, and a big muff with the tone wicker. I run it through a Fender M-80 half stack thats old as **** but has a beautiful clean tone and a Fender American Stratocaster. Now, what pedal to get next? I was thinking of an equalizer to boost the mids on the muff but then I ran into the Boss Feedback boost. This pedal apparently boosts the mids(or highs) as well as allow pretty much universal feedback control. That is something I really want to get into since I heard hendrix doing it. Now should I go for the straight up equalizer or the feedback boost? Or should I scrap that idea all together and go for something like a noise gate? I haven't tried my new rig out at high levels but so far it sounds pretty hiss free at a low - medium level.
So your set up is a strat, a muff, and a fender m-80. And you want to boost your mids because the muff chokes them right? Have you tried the amp's eq? I would try boosting the mids from there first before spending any money. Also I think hendrix used a trebble booster if memory serves me correctly, as for the hiss I say look at the decimator (if your on a budget used boss ns2) it should solve the problem.
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