I have an ad30vt which is just an older version of the vt30. I had the power level (the knob behind the amp) at the fourth dot (11 o'clock).

Amp: UK Modern
Gain: around 10 o'clock
Volume: around 11:30
Treble: around 1:20
Middle: around 1:20
Bass: around 10:00
Effect: none - Bypassed
Master: almost 12:00 (it's late and some people are sleeping)

You can mess around with the settings to get the desired sound.
Fix the Gain to your liking to add more or less "dirt".
I'd imagine that cranking up the AC30tb model would get a similar tone. It just sounds like they plugged straight into a non-master volume amp and turned it up until it was dirty. Maybe used something simple like an MXR Distortion+ to push it. There is a good amount string clarity and it's a little spongy sounding so the AC30tb model would probably get you the closest on a Valvetronix. The Marshall models on that particular one will all be too thick and snarly.
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Ac30tbx is what I'd use, with some extra treble and no fx.

Conforming to standards (proper "punk" tone) seem very important for "punk" music.
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Please use the settings thread. There's a link in the rules and resources sticky.