My squire strat retires cats. you drive ya auntie's car while i fire gats
only whammy bars on my guitar, while you get a ton whenever you try to rap

get it kneegrows
yo i be bustin coppers like a miner, fingering a minor
eatin your moms pussy, bitch, like im in a diner
i be statin the facts but you callin me a liar
im not a denier, i only fucked yo ma so i could try her
fly me to the doctor cos im ill
take me to the weatherman cos its rainin bills
i leave you green like you filled up with chlorophyll
and on that day when yo ass gets killed
you be layin in the dirt, eatin slugs like bear grylls

lil lost legion nigga. 041 represent
they call me mr antihistamine
i'm what snakes hiss to mean
if you wanna run up with me on a set then learn your history
i'm 5'10" with a certified .510
walk in to the club with 5 10's, high five 10
5 10's on a bottle of moet for 5 friends
my rap game is just where i start, i do not end