Ive just come across Guthrie Goven on U tube where he did a group of lessons for the Guitar World magazine .This was the sept and oct 2011 issues entitled - Professor shred #1 and # 2. Incorporating cromatic tones to broaden the sound of your solos.
If anyone can Email me the tabs from the mag i would be very grateful.
Regards Phil
If I remember the video correctly, he teaches you how to play what he is playing. He does it slowly enough that you can easily figure out what notes he is playing.
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Little Boy- Would you like to tab out examples 5 + 8 of Guthrie Goven Professor shred #2. .
Or anyone who,s capable. Youll find it on U Tube
Thanks Phil
Just slow the vids down. He shows you what to play. It'll be better for you if you figure it on your own anyways.
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