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Ive been playing guitar for 2 years now and I really enjoy it it.i would like to pick up a cheapish bass to learn on the side.I
Play indie/ alternative music and a bit of rock but no metal. Can anyone suggest a bass? Thanks
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Try Ibanez GSR200. I just bought one and I think they're great. It's cheap too. I'm also a beginner, fyi.
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Anything by Ibanez or Yamaha that fits your budget is a safe bet.
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pretty much any bass that we'll suggest here is in the FAQ at the top of the forum. i'll add another vote for yamaha, rbx 170 or the 270 should suit you very well for £120 or £220 respectively.
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Where are you located? We don't want to recommend something that you want but cannot get. And are you willing to go used? Going used really broadens the choices.

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Fender cater for all budgets, their affinity series are excellent value.

Another plus is the name. When you come to trade up the Fender name counts more than most.
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ibanez 200 - passive P/J and good neck. Used can be found for $100, new under $200.
The 300 is active and lighter body and $50-100 more.
Or the yamahas as suggested.
the peavey grind model is decent and inexpensive but kinda heavy.