Has anyone played one, there isn't much info on them. I really want one, but i also want a Class 5 Head and Cabinet. I've played a class 5 combo and LOVE IT, but it is loud. I've heard the Laney can get Marsallish tones..
I just ordered one today. Andertons (UK) have it in their sale. Hoping for something great - did hear one briefly in the flesh - and all reviews seem to love it. I'll post when it arrives.
please do..

i may call zzounds and see if they will price match..

I just looked at it. 349.00 euros is equal to $477 in US dollars. I know it wont work, but hell it might.
Alas, it turned up today and didn't work so it's going back. Andertons were very efficient on the return, so no complaints there.

Sounded like one of the tubes had gone, it was sooo quiet I could talk over it at maximum volume. I shall have to wait a while longer.

I got one and it came today.. it's awesome. To top it off I found an epiphone iommi sg on craigslist for $175, almost mint.

You'll like the amp.