I finally found and bought the best distortion box ever… ROSS, vintage 1979, made in Chanute, Kansas, USA. I like this one a little better than the original Ibanez TS 808, but it's a close 2nd. Most distortion boxes change the sound of your guitar and amp, while this pedal just gives you sustain and overdrive, without that gritty, grinding, treble-ey, distorted sound of most boxes. Thoughts and opinions?
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I've never heard of it. I just watched a video and it sounds pretty cool. A lot like my Fulltone Full-Drive 2, but that's an OD and not a Distortion. I'm currently running the Full-Drive 2 and a Fulltone OCD for distortion and I'd like to maybe get a whole new distortion for a better range of tones. I get a good sound out of the OCD, but I'm more into blues and acid rock type stuff and the OCD does more modern stuff (although it does handle leads quite nicely when run at the same time as the Full-Drive). I wish I would have seen this before I blew my Christmas money...
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isn't that basically just a distortion +?
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I used to have a Ross Distortion and Phaser in one unit. Whole thing sounded great, but it was kind of inconvenient what with the size and the AC cord to power it.

I've been looking for just a Ross Distortion by itself but they are pretty damn expensive online.

Wouldn't say it's the best distortion box ever but it's a relatively unknown gem that you can occasionally find for nothing because the person who has it doesn't know what they have.

^it's very similar to a 70s Distortion + but it's a bit louder and has a bit more high end.
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