When exactly would you need a DI box? I have a Presonus firepod with two instrument inputs, would having a DI box still help me get a cleaner signal? Or do the instruments inputs do the same thing?

Thanks in Advance guys!
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You don't need a DI box.
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It will likely give you a slight increase, but nothing to be bothered over. It's always cracked me up when people get obsessed over certain DIs. The purpose of a DI is to accurately represent the tone coming directly out of an instrument, it makes no sense to say that one DI sounds better than another, unless it just has a wider frequency response.
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Yeah, thats what i figured with the instrument inputs. Was just wondering what others thought.
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A DI is really handy for longer cable runs. One of the purposes of a DI is to take an unbalanced signal and convert it to balanced, so it can be sent longer distances without worrying about capacitance degrading the signal and rolling off the highs. DIs are typically used for keyboard, bass and microphones.

For your application, just plug straight into the interface.
Other uses for a DI box are:

1. Connecting a bass, keyboard, etc. to a mixing console or interface for recording where the input is an XLR.

2. Splitting off a signal. For instance: Guitar to DI box. DI box 1/4" out to amp for miking or hearing the sound live in the room. DI box XLR out to recorder to record a direct, dry signal to be used for re-amping later.

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