I like the sound that Wang Chung gets from their guitar in their song "Dance Hall Days". I've been wondering what equipment and effects (if any) they use to produce the sparkly/jangly sound they get from the 3 chords they use in the chorus. I currently have 3 Strats and can get close to the sound, but I can't seem to quite get the chords to sparkle like Wang Chung does in their rendition. Does anyone have an idea?

A link to the video on YouTube:
Almost sounds like a strat and a vox to me.
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Not got chance to listen yet but if i remember it correctly there's likely some compression there along with some chorus.
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That shimmery (sp?) sound at the beginning sounds like a little chorus (like Steven S said). Maybe a little delay and/or reverb too (not so much that it's obvious, but a pretty wet sound to me).

Back in those days, the Boss CE-2 type pedals were popular, but there also some rack mount fancy stuff too. I think any good modern chorus would help.