I received this Fender Mustang yesterday as a gift and I am v v pleased with it but have just discovered it has a small chip and two scratch marks either side of the guitar.

I'm not sure how they could miss the chip and scratch that are right next to each other.

It's not noticeable at all from a distance but is it worth having my parent take it to the store to ask for a partial refund or something? I'm not overly bothered because I really want to play it and can't be arsed to wait around so it won't be the end of the world if there's nothing I can do but I'd rather I was the one who scratched the guitar in the long run and that a new guitar came in perfect condition.
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Yea you should be in line for something, but the store could be arsey.

I'd definitely have a conversation with them about it.

My Select Tele came with some discolouration around the control plate, I got some money back and loyalty points. They even offered me an upgrade to a Custom Deluxe Tele which was £200 more, but this is a better guitar IMO even though it's slightly cheaper. More unique, lighter, better colour scheme, flame maple etc. In fact, it's the best guitar I've ever played and some of those Custom Deluxes seem a bit mediocre.

I did have to argue with them a bit and haggle. Sometimes you gotta persevere.
Eh, something like that wouldn't be worth the hassle IMO.
It kind of sucks, but it really wouldn't be that big of a deal to me because it's going to happen eventually.
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I'd say that you deserve to have a pretty much perfect guitar if you're paying full price for one.

I've had my MiM Tele for 10-15 years and apart from a couple of minor headstock dings, and I mean minor it's not got a mark on it.

My Strat on the other hand... Still, some people will never ding their guitar.
If it's new you should take it back and get a perfect one. That sort of thing happens with some regularity and you're well within your right to take it back and have Fender send you a new one.

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