They wear out far too quickly. Dunlop Tortex 0.50mm (you know the red ones). Great for both Rhythm and lead playing. Except the seem to wear to a roud/blunt end very quick which isn't so good to play with. So does anyone know of any similar picks that will last a bit longer or am I just gonna have to suck it up and buy a crate load of the red ones?

Cheers guys
Try a 0.73 sharp
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Dunlop Jazz III's are lovely and you'd have to take one to a grinder to wear it down
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Could it be the thickness? Or lack of, as in less pick to wear out. If that's the case but they fit well, just deal with it. Picks are cheap enough.
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The 0.73's look really good ill have to try them. Are the Jazz's good for rythm aswell. I know its a tough one something thin enough to be good for rythm but strong enough not to get chewed up.
Might look into Cactus picks. They are really well made and seem to last a long time for me.
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I use the Tortex "the wedge" .60 These are the same material, but they have a sharper point. They also have the tortex "sharp" which are even pointier. They make these in .53 also.

Have you tried the Dunlop Ultex picks? they last way longer than the tortex and are a similar feel.

I by picks in bulk 72 packs for $15ish from www.stringsandbeyond.com they have amazing customer service and sip super fast.

EDIT: just saw the UK thing. I'd order a few different type of picks and see which you like, I have been using Tortex of some kind for almost 20 years
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2nd cactus picks, they are even stronger than plastic pickup covers so watch out where you pick with them.

Have you tried nylon? Quite a different feel but they wear insanely slow if you can get used to it.

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Thanks alot guys Im gonna try and get my hands on all the different ones I can and just give it a bit time to see what I like. Thanks for all your suggestion and anyone else think of any lemme know
jazz iii ultex for me. the jazz iii shape is super and the ultex material is easier to hold than the regular nylon ones.
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Try Ultex equivalent of your Tortex picks. They are more wear resistant though you use so thin picks that even they may not last long enough. I guess? I use from 0.94 to 1.40 depending on mood and sound i am after and have noticed that the thinner ones wear faster.

If all else fails go for metal picks.

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I use a 1.5mm Dunlop one. Don't know which it is. Has a tortoise in the front.

Edit: It's a Dunlop Delrin.

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Feeling very at home with the .73 nylons .gonna order some 73 ultex sharps aswell though. Thanks guys
I use to always used .6-.7's Dunlop match picks. I liked the way the felt, and they were dirt cheap.

When I was in a studio for the first time, I switched to the tortex 1mm. I never knew how much a pick could impact your tone, until I done some back to back recordings with the match pick vs the tortex. My sound was much thicker with the tortex, and my lead cut thru much better. I order the bulk packs, like Robb mentioned.
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