Well, I recently played a Taylor 114ce acoustic electric guitar at my local guitar center and I really liked the sound of it. As I know, the sound of even same models can be different, but I wanted to know how significant it was and if anyone else had positive or negative experiences ordering online. I'm trying to find a cheaper used version, particularly slightly used but I am having difficulty finding it other than ebay.

Thank you!
taylor's tone/sound and build quality are extremely consistant. you'll have to find a trustworthy seller though... that's the hard part. buying an acoustic online is very tricky when your looking for a used one. i would highly recommend waiting for the extra cash to buy it new( and not the played out one on the GC floor..they should have a new - still in the box one also). buying it used on ebay is a heck of a crapshoot. you can also check out the classifieds on the unofficial taylor guitars forum (UTGF). most of the guys there are pretty honest and good people. or try the AGF forum. i would go with those forum classifieds before a private seller on ebay.
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the good news is that taylor is probably the most consistent brand i know of from guitar to guitar. that bad news is their high quality builds mean they hold their resale value very well, so you're not likely to find one at a great price unless there's something wrong with it. that being said, that means you can probably sell a used one for the same price you buy it for.

keep in mind if you order one that a used one could have strings that make it sound completely different or could have been kept at too high or low humidity, which would also make it sound different for a while till you got it acclimated.
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