Hey guys!

I bought a few new pedals for my rig (Boss NS-2, Boss RV-5, Boss TU-3 and Boss CS-3). So happy of my purchase, I come home, install my new set up on my pedal board, turn on my amp and BOOM. I'm now streaming some radio station (they play bad music on top of that). I know amps can catch radio signals, but it never did it before. Can one of the pedal cause this? How do I solve it?

Also, should I put the RV-5 in the effects loop or just before my guitar input?

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It's probably a bad cable.
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Also depends on your proximity to the transmitter tower. If it's not a bad cable, you can try adding ferrite cores to your cables. Add them to the power cables and signal cables, just before the point where they enter the amp and pedals. FWIW, my Taylor T5 will pick up a local radio station if the battery drops below a certain voltage. That's usually my clue to replace its battery.