My band has a six song EP/demo that we want to put up for free. Is Bandcamp good for this? There business model appears to be collecting on each song purchased, so I'm not sure it would be best for a freebie.

Thoughts? Opinions?
Host it as a .zip file on Google Drive (formerly Google Docs), or something like that. It's free for you, free for the user, dead easy to use, and you maintain complete control over the access.

Put a link on your band website, facebook page, etc. that will take them to the file.

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I think Bandcamp is the best. If it's free then they're not taking anything from you.

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My band's EP is hosted for free on Bandcamp and I have quite a lot of friends who have done the same thing. Bandcamp will keep telling you that you should charge for your songs but you can put them on there for free!

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