Hey guys, I want to do some ear work. If anyone else wants to jump in on this, go ahead.

Just post a tune and other people will figure out the chords and stuff. I'd prefer if we stuck to Jazz but any genre is good or whatever. I dunno when I thought of this idea it seemed like a good one but reading it now as I write it out it looks like it'll fail. Let's try it out.
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Nice tune. I'm about to go to bed, I'll get started on it in the morning (well, later in the morning ) I'll try to have the solo and the chords written out by this evening.
Transcribing without an instrument is something I've always seen as a huge waste of time. I can either find and play the thing with an instrument in around 5 seconds OR struggle for 2 hours trying to memorize what a perfect fourth sounds like. (and yes, I've done that and do know the intervals)

What is the point of writing the solos down? Is it not more useful to actually play them with your instrument? I "transcribe" by playing melodies/solos by ear and then comparing them with the chords, etc. I can't see how it would be any more useful for me to instead write them down.
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