Greeting fellow Ug'rs, well for My X Mas, I took the plunge and bought myself a 5 watt tube amp.
Picked up a Champion 600 brand new and have been quite happy so far, mind you I haven't had a chance to really dime it yet, but when I throw my RP155(recent one) in front of it, I can dial in some pretty sweet tones from thrash to jazz and everything in between. The even order harmonics just sound so much tighter and more 'correct', than the Peavey Audition110. Don't get me wrong, the '110' is a great sounding amp for solid state). I have played for many many years, but have just recently found myself out in the woodshed and have been having a time keeping up with all the new gear etc etc...its crazy the great gear you can get for so little cash outlay. The money I spent on this little sonic combo is under 300(pedal included) and through My Godin RD1(luv this ax, simple top the point and has so much natural mojo its not funny, something about the flame/tiger(??) top just makes it sing, I play it acoustically a lot it sounds just that good). Which brings up a super important tip for selecting a guitar when shopping for a new ax..... of course YMMV, but a a general rule, when buying guitars, ALWAYS play them first unplugged, if the ax can not excite me/you without being plugged in, myself, well I figure it ain't got much in the way of mojo,back in the bin she goes, you should do the same if the guitar sounds/or feels dead and does not excite, put it back, find yourself a guitar that sounds exciting and lively unplugged will only get sounding better IMHO.
But I digress I am getting of track, please forgive, I'm in a good mood, and tend to be chatty when.
But enough blabber.... to my original point, the 'lil 'Champ' I procured has a 'Electro Harmonix' 6v6 (which I don't think is stock??), and a unmarked what I assume is a Chinese 12ax7, for the preamp, as I understand the Chinese tubes are stock ?
So basically I am wondering if I should take the plunge and buy a quality Pre tube, some articles say the change in tone will be negligible, if at all noticeable, others say it will become a new amp? Who to believe ?
Thus I thought I could not hurt to get involved her at UG and put this to some other readers.
What are your experiences with tube switchover's,are the Chinese 12ax7 really that bad, the amp sounds fairly decent to my ears.
Any help is really appreciated.
- Mike Latimer.
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