Haven't had an amp in years and I'm finally in a position to get a new one. I'm not looking for anything huge or anything gimmicky. It's not often I get an opportunity where I can play without headphones, so something that pairs well with them is the priority.

I'd prefer tube over solid state.

Budget: Not looking to spend over $300
Genre: I'd like something that would do drone/ambient well. Something in the vein of Boris. It'd be nice to get some jazzy tones out of it as well, like Iommi's solo in Planet Caravan.
Purpose: Bedroom playing. Some home recording. Zero possibility of gigging.
Current gear: I've got a modified Les Paul and a noise gate.

I've been out of the hardware loop for years which is why I've come back here. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
Vypyr Tube 60.

Not a lot of tube amps have headphones outs because of impedance problems, and the vypyr tube is the only one that comes to my mind.
Plus, it's great amp!
And you can use it as an interface so you wouldn't even need to buy a proper one.
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Look at the Peavey VIP 2 & 3. They have Budda Superdrive models in it, which are just excellent for the whole sludge/drone genres.

As mentioned, extremely few (less than a handful) of actual tube amps have headphone jacks, and they are not in your budget at all (EVH & H&K come to mind).
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