Recently I started learning finger picking. However the steel strings are killing my fingers. The instructor recommended I switch to a classical guitar because it would be easier on my fingers and the type of music I want to learn to play is better suited with a classical. I currently own a Seagull S6 Original.

The two I am currently considering are the Cordoba C10 Spruce and the Jose Ramirez 1NE. Both run for about about $1000. Any opinions on these two?

Any other classical guitars you would recommend in the $1000 or less range?


There are a considerable number of 'crossover' guitars, with slightly narrower, radiused necks than a true classical. Also, lots of this type have cutaways, making them feel far more like what you are used to, and imo, making them more versatile for more contemporary music.

This is the sort of thing I mean, although slightly higher $ than your budget;

You say your instructor feels a classical would be better suited for the music you want to play, but you don't specify what type that is. Perhaps a true classical would be better, but to really be of assistance, you will need to give a bit more info.
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I have the CK Studio Negra from Cordoba and like Vulcan stated it is more of a crossover or hybrid guitar especially the neck. Coming from a regular guitar background this suited me well.
Save your money. I just bought a Yamaha NTX700, I haven't been able to put it down for the last week. Now I know you thinking "Yamaha, guitars???" If you live near a guitar center or sam ash, they should have one, try it out, it beats it's price tag. The onboard electronics are super nice too, they produce a real clean sound, mic in the sound hole, and a mic under the bridge, with knows to dial in the mix of each a master volume and a 3 band eq. I started getting in to classical music and as someone who's used to flying up and down a fender strat neck, the first time I tried out a true "classical guitar", I was like "da **** is this", it felt like someone put an 8-string neck on an acoustic and put six strings on it. Keep in mind though that the NTX700 does come with the downside of the strings being closer together. But if Rodrigo Y Gabriela can shred flamenco on them it's near a non issue. It's probably also got the thinnest neck I've ever played, aside from an Ibanez wizard.
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